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Asus P5GC-MX/1333... it overclocks!

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I've just overclocked my brother's E4600 from 2.40GHz to 2.66GHz effortlessly, IBT stable.
I'm not doing anything aggressive with it yet since it's not my computer, but it's a nice boost considering it's a generic computer with a cheap motherboard.

I just set the FSB to 222 and selected the lowest DDR2 strap. The ram is garden variety Kingston 667 so I haven't tried raising the FSB further, but I might take another shot at it tomorrow.

Sleep now, CPU-Z validation tomorrow.
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Cant wait for your results
got the same mobo lying around
never did an oc with it!
Cant seem to find voltage control in bios
But can it run Crysis?

(Yup, I just went there)

And yeah, I have the same mobo in my other rig
I managed to push a 1.86GHz e6300 dual core chip to 2ghz
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Ofcourse it runs crysis!
I can do that with my p4 @ 3,0 ghz
but these changes arent significant!
I got my p4 cedar mill to 3.8 ghz
but, the stock voltages couldnt keep up!
Now i know its possible with this board to change them, cause i red it in older forum postings but they never explain how and i cant seem ti find it
also i cant seem to find the overclock setting at the jumperfree config in the bios, but according to asus and fellow owners is has to be there!
I got the p5gc-mx 1333 editon rev3.xx
this should be the one with all the oc functions
any ideas?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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