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Asus P5k Deluxe: Bad Reviews On the Egg?

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I didn't even read these before I oredered cause I normally don't... but, these are pretty bad reviews:


Definitely contrasts the OCN reviews!

I'm afraid, now, and might have to refuse the package on monday? >.<
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dont believe everything on the egg reviews....
Yeah, I usually don't bother reading them. Just didn't expect to see so many for a board that I've heard all good things about!
And by the way the way the P5K is a P35 chipset so sli would be 16x slot 1 and 4x slot 2....thats why I Hate it....they shold of never have released it ...wait till x38 by intel......thats a seet chipset....suppose to be out august/07
seet is sweet sorry for the mis-spelling
I'm VERY weary of X38. It sounds good, but the premium is going to be high: DDR3 comes to mind first and foremost. I think all of the X38 boards are DDR3 which means you're going to pay for DDR3 + board enthusiast prices and whatever else to go with it.
I would check tou see if there ddr2 backwards compatible...honestly i thought they were....
As far as I knew, DDR3 has different Pins? As in, it won't even fit in a DDR2 slot or vice-versa?

The Gigabyte P35C DS3R has 4 DDR2 slots and 2 DDR3 slots, which pretty much tells me that DDR2 and 3 can't fit in the same slots. =P
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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