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Asus p5n-e running RAID5 errors

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I built a basic server at work using an asus p5n-e running raid5 on the motherboard hardware. i'm using 3 WD 150 gig raptors.

in my logfiles i'm showing that nvraid has failed to read/write. then server is locking up while others are trying to read/write to the server.

would this be a hard drive failure somewhere, or would it be a motherboard failure? the error i'm getting is saying there's a problem w/ Sata 2.0 port.

any ideas or suggestions? i went ahead and ordered two more hard drives and an extra motherboard just in case (even though i had to get a p5n-t because the -e is no longer available)

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Originally Posted by razr7 View Post
u need to get a raid card. it's better
its better because you say it is? i'm not arguing the point, but this is an answer that doesn't help me much.

i am getting a raid card to put in since onboard raid ate crap.....
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