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Asus P5Q-E OC examples

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I have my rig running well. I had it OC'd to 3.3Ghz and then I added another 4G of memory (8G total) and now it is back to the 2.66Ghz. It still states in the BIOS that the FSB is at 333, (it was 266). Does anyone have any screen shots or information of their successfull OC'ing with this motherboeard and CPU combination, or something close?

Thank you all.
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I have some super crappy pictures of my Q6700 OC on my P5Q-E before I sold them on my phone. However, they do the job. I'll post some up for you when I get home from work.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Now my rig is not running at all. I set the FSB to 400 and the memory to 798 and now I can't boot. I can't even get to the bios to undo anything. I also changed the boot sequence to DVD, USB so I could hopefully get rid of Windows 7 and put back on XP Pro. I have no idea why I can't get into the bios now.

Any help is appreciated.
I think I have to pull the cmos battery. Will I lose my raid 5 array when I do this?
i have had the same problem putting the wrong settings u will be able to reset the bios if u reset the jumpers...check page 2-22 in your owners manual for more instructions. Hope that helps.
Well for 3.6Ghz 450*8 i have these setting:
CPU:RAM ratio set it to 400.
FSB 450
Vcore : i need 1.35volts, you may need more
Ram 5-5-5-15
enable LLC
Set multie to 8
Other things to auto
Also disable the option which help FBS Overclocking. Its located under LLC.
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