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Asus P5Q SE+ Or ASRock P45TS?

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Well I posted awhile ago and P5Q seems to be the thing I need.
However $103.00 isn't, and the P45TS is a bit cheaper at $80.00 (without S&H)

I'm about to move so my budget is next to nothing. But I NEED my Pc.
I hit a dilemma........... My current mobo just died. like 15 minutes ago. :swearing:

I have an E2200 and want to Oc is a bit so could that happen with the P45TS or should I get the P5Q?

Newegg P45TS ($80.00 then shipping)
Ebay, NIB P5Q is ($95.00 Shipped) Newegg is ($102.99.. then shipping costs.)


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it looks like it comes with free shipping, and a mir to sweeten the deal.

i would go for the ASUS board for sure.
Asus FTW.

Had an asrock. Unless you get it used for wicked cheap, forget the asrock.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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