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For sale is an ASUS P6T LGA1366 motherboard in good condition. It is shipped in the original box. Included are four SATA cables (two of which have 90-degrees connectors one end), a backplate, the manual and drivers CD (you will want to use updated drivers), one Q Connector set (USB and system panel), one SLI bridge, and one 3-way SLI bridge.

Price is set at $125 $120 shipped, including insurance, or best offer. PayPal only, please. Once the payment clears, I will ship the item and send you the tracking information. If purchased with the i7-920 CPU and 6GB of DDR3 RAM I also have for sale, additional discounts can be discussed due to reduced shipping costs.

Edit: I forgot to mention in the original post that the top of the plastic housing for one of the motherboard edge SATA connectors is cracked. Only the top of the plastic housing is cracked, and you wouldn't know it unless you pulled on it because the sticker on the motherboard ports holds the top of the plastic housing in place. The SATA ports work perfectly fine. This affects absolutely nothing on the motherboard; I am only pointing this out to make sure everything is disclosed. ASUS apparently put the stacked ports too close together, so you will want to use lower profile SATA cables/plugs if you are going to stack SATA cables in the ports on the motherboard.

Additionally, my last OS install on this motherboard would sometimes not boot on the first POST. It always booted on the second attempt. (If I did not hear a POST beep from the motherboard within the first 10 seconds, I just hit the reset button on the computer case and all was well.) I don't know if this was an issue with the motherboard that something like a BIOS update may solve, or an issue with my components, but given I never had any issues after hitting the reset button I never gave it much concern or thought. Just another FYI for the buyer. Again, it really doesn't affect anything.
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