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Hey, I recently bought new Kingston RAM Memory, and I need to know how to set them up in BIOS.
Somehow I can't get my computer to POST when I crank the RAM speed up...
I've tried the XMP (Profile 1) to get everything as standard as they can get;
I've also tried loads of different settings to get them up and running at 2000MHz, sadly with no luck.

Please help me with the BIOS settings for my Kingston HyperX memory.
BIOS screenshots would be greatly appreciated!

My build:
ASUS P6X58D-E (BIOS 0303)
Intel Core i7 930 (Running Stock @ 2.8GHz)
Kingston HyperX Performance (KHX2000C9AD3T1K3/6GX)


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Generally, the usual problem is the memory voltage. Set it to the manufacturer's spec.
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