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I bought an Asus P8P67 Pro recently and was reading through some reviews/specifications and noticed the support of DTS Connect, which as far as i understood should make it possible to get DTS sound out of stereo for example, in games and whatsoever...

Now i hooked up my Sony receiver (supports DD and DTS 5.1) with SPDIF Optical to my Asus P8P67 Pro, resulting in DTS sound from movies by sellecting my optical port but games are still just stereo, this tells me DTS connect isn't working?

Now i am a complete noob when it comes to this kind of audio things, but what am i missing here? Is it a software thing or hardware issue? I cant find any option about DTS Connect either.
Does this board really support DTS Connect?

Some explaination from somebody with experience on this would be much appreciated
This whole thing is confusing me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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