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So i'm about to build myself a new computer to replace my main one. I've decided to go mini itx, so that the computer will be as portable as it can be.

I plan on buying an Asus P8-Z77-I deluxe along with a 3570k.

The current issue im having is wondering what kind of CPU cooler will fit this board and not interfere with the other components on it. The main concerns are the RAM (gskill with their somewhat tall heatspreaders), and the vertical vrm on the asus board.

A 2nd concern is that will actually fit in the case. I dont THINK i'll have any head room issues, but i plan on putting this in a Fractal Design Node 304.

I would like to avoid having to pull everything out of the case to replace the CPU cooler if i need to install one with a backplate, but i just dont know if any of the good ones will fit without running into other components.

If anyone happens to have this board, or knows what kind of good coolers will fit it without interfering with components, PLEASE let me know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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