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ASUS R2Gene, win7 64, and sound

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For my latest computer, I got myself an ASUS Rampage II Gene and Windows 7 64 bit. The gene has some creative x-fi chip on it, but of course the driver disc that came with the gene is useless for win7. I have tried drivers from ASUS and from Creative, but it still doesnt sound or act right. The volume panel usually wont open, and the sound is really half assed.

Do I need newer or different drivers, or is the onboard sound always going to be this bad?

Should i just give up on this onboard audio and get a dedicated sound card?
I've been thinking about the ASUS Xonar DX if I need a card. I just want great sound with no hassle.
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Creative has released drivers for Windows 7. Look for them here:

IF those don't work, then something else is wrong....
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