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hello Masters And Commanders!

I am a fairly desperate fellow here with a monster machine acting up like a child, i have been out of the OC game for sometime, due to lack of time and some broken parts i was to lazy to get replaced.

now i finally got them replaced, namely my 6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000Mhz set.

I got a brand new set from corsair cause the set i had returned had been discontinued apparently.

but it seems that the bugs haunting me before i concluded they where broken have not left me, with these replacements.

Now enough with the story telling and on to the issues at hand.

I really hope you can help me narrow down this issue and maybe even help me solve it.

System Setup is as follows:

Asus Rampage Extreme II
Intel i7 920 2.66
6GB Corsair Dominator-GT (CMT6GX3M3A2000C8) 8.9.8:24 1.65V ver.7.1A (sticker)
Asus Geforce 295
2xWD Raptor 150 (stripe)
2xSamsung F1 1TB (stripe)
Koolance Watercooling Dual loop+Dual Rad (Cpu+Gfx) (home construction =) )
1500Watt PSU

Issue is as follows:
i had a broken set of Dominators that i returned and i got a fresh new set back from dear corsair, installed them. happy as i child, only to be let down by the fact that the system:

1. Could not even overclock with "CPU Level-up - 2.93" = No boot
1. Froze with everything on "auto" = Freezing after a cpl of minuts depending on use pattern (gaming = quick ; browsing = slow)

since my other set of memory failed i have bought a set of 6GB OCZ Gold whom are running without a hitch with the "CPU Level-up" feature...

I would love to tinker and tweak instead of useing these preset features, but with the "intentet" set of memory.. but if they freeze even on "Auto" i am at a loss...

I hope all of this makes sense to you guys, and i really hope you can help me get back the motivation for getting this beast running. and pulling all of the power i know it can provide.

Thanks in Advance!

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