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Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming firmware TPM bug?

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Hi, i don't know if i can post here or not about this problem but i don't know what can i do to solve it..

About.. 5 months or so i installed Win11 and with that i had to enable FTPM, thing i did correctly and the system detected it.. but last month a warning message appeared.. i could not install windows updates, i was shocked and search on google why it happened but with no luck.. At the end i tried again with the program that check the requeriments and it showed that i don't have TPM.. so onto the bios agaiin.. and that's my nightmare.. Ftpm is enable (Firmware TPM enable) and on Trusted Computing the device is enabled.. but no detected, no matter how many times i change that.. it simply doesn't shows up, i even reflashed the bios and cleared the CMOS with no luck.. any ideas?