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sold to Trungerz for 210.00 on the Whole package that included the processor,ram,cd/dvd/cold cathodes and motherboard. Case was NOT sold at all. Still need to contact NZXT. I have a Asus Sabertooth motherboard that i currently owned for three years. It does work but i am NOT responsible for any damage that goes towards to the motherboard. It's a used motherboard.

I also have a BRAND new Corsair H100. No thermal since i wiped it off. I switched to H100i cuz i liked it better. I do have the original box and instructions and backplate screws.

Asus Sabretooth Motherboard 55i. It's a working motherboard but i never did extreme overclocking. Heard this motherboard overclocks well. (No warranty involved now) I only used XMP settings. Never overclocked this motherboard manually. So that's up to you if you want to

I have the original box for it and everything you need.

Brand new Cold Cathodes from Frozen.Cpu. I don't really need it.
Lightscribe CD/DVD drive IDE for $5.00

GSkill Ram 8 gigs <--Has lifetime warranty.

i5 760 Processor 2.80ghz

I will upload pictures later today as soon i gather everything in proper order and written name to prove this is my auction.

Best of all i have a BRAND NEW PHANTOM 820 Full Tower case.

Only problem is it needs to be shipped to NZXT RMA since the wires were bad and on the plus side they were sleeved by Frozen.CPU and they refused to refund me but they said they would re-sleeve it again for me if i sent i to NZXT to replace the case.
The sleeves are Kobra UV blue sleeves.
Still waiting to hear from NZXT.

I am selling this case for a a good price, Offers excepted.
Thanks for looking.
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