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ASUS Silent Square

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Well, unlike my old 478 Prescott, the stock intel heatsink for my 920 is utter trash, not even good enough to let me limp by for a few months and save up for a nice water cooling system.

I mean, the CPU idels at 55-55c at stock settings, with both cores at 30% load it jumps to 72-75c.

So I have no choice, I'll have to buy a nice heat sink and fan now, which means water is an end of the year purchase (I still need more memory).

Oh well,

My purpose of this post is this. I know everyone loves the Big Typhoon. Do a search on the forums for BT or Typhoon, you'd get thousands of results


I don't doubt it's abilities, nor do I question it's results. My problem with the BT is it's utter lack of style.

I mean, it's boring looking.

I suppose the fan could always be replaced with a LED one for some boost to it's looks, but I'm just not sure if that's enough.

Now THIS has style......

Anyone have first hand experience with this? Newegg doesn't carry it, which sucks. I could only find it at zipzoomfly.com, and it's the same price as the BT (out of stock right now though). It's got a lower CFM rating than the BT, but it's got a LOT more heatsink area, and it appears to pull through, instead of pushing down.......so I'm thinking it should be able to rival the BT even with it's lower volume air movement........
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Nothing rivals the BTs cooling, not even close. Now that being said that silent square looks like it wouldn't cool very well at all but still much better than your stock cooling. IDK I would get the BT and if looks really matter to you get a cool looking fan since that is all you can see once it is in your case anyways.

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Zipzoomfly sells them for $50 when they have them in stock. I just sent a suggestion to Newegg that they should carry them LOL

Remonstar, what makes you say it won't cool as well as BT? I'm not saying I think it's better than the BT, but just wondering the basis for your statement.

I would think the lower CFM would be offset by the larger heat disipation area, especially if case airflow was good enough.

If I can find it in stock within the next 2 weeks, I'll be the guinea pig for overclock.net and test it out
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