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asus striker 2 formula bios died

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a friend of mine recently tried to flash his bios and it failed, now his motherboard is dead... is there anyway he can fix this? + rep for help
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does the computer do anything? If when you power it on, it keeps saying no floppy/cd found you could possibly save the mobo. Asus has what they call a "CrashFree Bios" meaning there is a portion of ther bios chip that is write protected. There is a possibility to reload the bios. First find out who makes the bios, ie. AMI, Award... then go Here follow the instructions and you could save it. no guarantees, but I have seen it in the past.
it should have a bios recovery feature if its an asus board but i only use intell chipset asus boards
also if your friend still has the original support cd, that has a bios recovery tool on it, hence why the board is saying no cd found. that is probably the easiest way to do it and the Asus recommended way.
I believe you have to make a bootable floppy. Asus has a program called AFudos. You then have to copy an Afudos on the floppy along with the bios file and run Afudos within dos.
but you can also use the support cd as per Asus
Sounds like to me like he burnt his BOIS chip ,he needs to get it Checked out or just call ASUS and get one , PS he did clear cmos right , if not do this first , might try it with battery out too
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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