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ASUS Striker II Formula and Q9550 overclocking

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I am trying to overclock my CPU to around the 4ghz. I know this cpu can to this because prevousliy i had this cpu in a GA-EP45-UD3 bord, but because that bord sucked in raid 0 (2 vertex 2 in raid 0 max 170mb/s) i bought a 2nd hand ASUS Striker II Formula (i wanted to try out SLI long time).

Now i finaly installed windows and all te drivers. but now i am trying to overclock my cpu again to around the 4 ghz. but every mhz i overclock it fails to post or it wil post and than it won't boot into windows..

I am running the latest BIOS 2402

futher system specs

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (E0)
4x2gb OCZ Reapers (2sets of OCZRPR10664GK)
ASUS Striker II Formula (780i chip)
CoolerMaster Silent Pro 1000W

i googled for some info but i didn't find a good "overclocking-manual" voor a ASUS Striker II Formula with a quadcore.

I hope somebody here can help me further
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Gigabyte EP45 UD3P is a much better board for overclocking..

Regarding overclocking you have just made a big downgrade as 780i chipset is a much worse overclocker than P45..

I dont think that you will hit a stable 470MHz on that motherboard easily with a C2Q..

I did know that it wasn't going to be easy to hit 4ghz on this board, but its worth a try:D.

but i was playing with the voltages, but the board hang itself up or something, only thing that worked was taking the battery out for a copple of minutes (and power disconected). but now my two left banks won't work (on the motherboard) i swapt the bank out to check if the ramstick ware broken, but only the 2 on the right side wil work...

I didn't use any super high voltages...

CPU Vcore 1,35 (on my UD3 it needed 1,37 for the 4ghz)
CPU PPL 1,50
CPU VTT 1,30 (i think)
RAM 2.20
1,2 HT 1,2
NB 1,40
SB 1,50

memory timings ware on 5-5-5-18

this are not very high setting (or am i seeing that wrong?)

The LCD Poster hangs at the "DET RAM"

In the motherboard book stands this

Detect Memory
- Auto-detection of DRAM size, type and ECC
- Auto-detection of L2 cache
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Originally Posted by ski-bum;13028428
Can't you just use the CPU Level up and set it to extreme?
i tried that, but than it wouldn't boot tot windows...

i tried to change some voltages, but then the 2 left ramslots on the motherbord warn't working anymore (they stil don't...

but now i did the mobo out of my case en reassembled everything and now the motherboard won't boot at al..

i just trown everything out of the window and orderd a Core i7 950 and ASUS Rampage II Extreme

ram is coming later this month (12gigs, 3x4gb, ddr3-1600, cl8)

so i will give that a shot

this thread can be closed.
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Originally Posted by 2thAche;13109323
Hack SLI on your old board if you need it that badly.
I didn't need it "badly" but it was something i wanted to try out.
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