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Asus Transformer TF300-T 16GB, Dock and 32GB Micro SD card

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Selling items I don't really use to raise money to purchase a DIY CNC kit.

Only used enough to deplete the battery a few times, near perfect condition (small scratch in the black section of the screen).
All accessories included and a 32GB Kingston SD card.
Unlocked boot loader and rooted.
Want just the tablet or dock make me an offer.
Pic looks a little funky because I took it in my home theater which is in my basement under the garage and the ceiling has a wool like substance on it for insulation.
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Hey I would be very interested in this. My TF201 just died last week. I will look it up eventually but can you tell me off the top of your head what the differences are between the TF201 and the TF300? I get paid Thursday and will let you know ASAP if I would like it. Do you accept Paypal?
Yes I accept PayPal.
The differences are minimal.
Here is a comparison of the specs.
You can disregard the clock speed since mine is rooted and can very easily handle 1.4 with a modified kernel that allows overclocking. The page linked above is also incorrect
about the TF300 not having Graphics Accelerator every Tegra has accelerated graphics or an accelerometer evidently they don't know that a G-Sensor is an accelerometer.
Wifi Hotspot, Voice dictation and DLNA are just an app away so those differences don't matter.
I know that there were a lot of people complaining about terrible WiFi and Bluetooth performance on the TF201 I can say that my TF300 has very good range.
Hey wanted to know if you are willing to sell the dock separately.
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Hey wanted to know if you are willing to sell the dock separately.
PM sent
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