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Well I use to always be a non fan of blower cards, but I have had both of these now and i gotta say the 3 fan thing is very disappointing. It doesn't keep the card any cooler really, it is slightly less loud at 100%, but they are both loud. The gigabyte at 100 percent goes over the loudness of my other 6 fans in my case, 2 cpu and 4 case fans. The asus turbo tho overclocked to 2025 6300 with only dipping to 2000. The gigabyte barely stays at 1949 it goes down to 1900, with 6000 on the memory but its up in the air if that is stable I only ran one benchmark, and usually when i start gaming it locks up.

Also I miss how it blew all the hot air out the back. The gigabyte just blows hot air all over the case. The makers of Snowblind IBuypower really didnt think that one threw, though i suppose they did they needed a dvi and a white card and for the average person the difference of temps would be meaningless to them, since the side panel is a see through monitor with no vents, it only leaves 2 intakes in the front. I mean it does stay cool I suppose, but I bet if I had the asus turbo blowing all the hot air out the back instead of all over the case it would be cooler.

So I think blower is a superior design to the 3 fan, keeps exhaust off the cpu and mb, isnt that much louder than a 3 fan and to me looks better. I wish I didn't sell that turbo to go buy this snowblind now lol. Any one wana trade a ausu turbo for that gigabyte ;)
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