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Hi all!

Not sure where i am going wrong here so any help is much appreciated

Recently picked up a Z170-Deluxe, 6700K and 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 Memory to replace my Sandy system and the time has come to start overclocking again!

When using manual mode i can happily set vcore to 1.35v and stress test at 4.7GHz no worries. 4.8GHz seems to require a whole lot more Vs to be stable. HWinfo reports the correct 1.35V under vcore.
When I set to Adaptive mode with 1.35v core with 0.005 offset it only shows up as the stock 1.216V in the OS (For testing this i am just using the standard 4.2GHz turbo.)

Also should SVID be enabled or disabled?
It says in BIOS to disable for OC but whenever I disable i get bsod during boot even at stock clocks?
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