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Asus Z87-Pro and Bluetooth

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I can't seem to get Bluetooth to find any devices nor can I find my computer by scanning from my phone since I installed the bluetooth drivers. I have Windows Preview 8.1 Pro x64. Installed the older dated but newer version number drivers. I have my device (PC and Phone) both set to discoverable but it just searches endlessly.

Sometimes it opens the metro app for bluetooth, other times the desktop app.

any ideas?
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Hi there,

I have the ASUS Z87i-Pro and have the same problem

Installed all the drivers from the included CD as well as their product support download page.

No errors showing up in devices but nothing can connect to the computer.

I've tried with phones, keyboards and mice but no success.

One thing to note, I tried turning on the computer to be "discoverable" but this freezes the bluetooth settings window.

Please help guys!
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I am having this exact problem and it is driving me nuts. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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