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Asus Z96J Laptop (T2400, ATI X1600, 2GB + Spare 9-cell)

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I am considering the possibility of selling my Asus Z96J. This machine was purchased in May of 2006 with Windows XP Home Edition for $1700 USD. I took very good care of my laptop and it is in excellent condition. Everything is fully functional and there is no damage aside from mild wear. Most of the people I know think it is brand new.

Hardware specs:
CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400
Screen: 15.4" WSXGA+ 1680x1050 (glossy)
GPU: ATI X1600
RAM: 2GB DDR2 667mhz
Hitachi 320GB 7k320
Intel 2200 A/B/G Wifi
Intel HD Audio
Integrated Bluetooth
CD/DVD burner also supports DVD-RAM
Integrated 1.3MP webcam
Windows XP Home Edition

The original 6-cell battery holds about 70% of its rated capacity of 52Whr and will last approximately 1.5-2hrs under light use. I also have a 9-cell battery which still holds more than 90% of its rated capacity of 76 Whr and is capable of powering the laptop for more than 3 hours.

Thank you in advance for any appraisals!
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You can get a similarly powered lappy new for about $450-500. If it were not for the nice GPU, your lappy would only fetch $350 or less.
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Thanks for the appraisal. +rep

You don't think the high resolution screen adds to the value of the laptop? IMO this display is far more valuable than the GPU or any of the other hardware, and it was the main selling point of the z96j. $450-$500 is a fair price range, but I was hoping to get more like $600-$700 for it.
I would say higher than $450, if I hadn't just bought a new Thinkpad T400 I would pay you $550 for it. I'd put it up at that, and lower it a bit if you have to
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Thank you for your response! +1

I hope you enjoy your T400- If I do sell my z96j I will be replacing it with a W500.
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