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At which difficulty level do you play your games?

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I usually play on hard, and if hard is too hard, I got to normal.

Never nightmare, never easy. I play the game at the difficulty level the devs designed it for.
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I play most of my games on the hardest difficulty level available.

There are the odd exceptions to that, however. Some games are just too hard like that, Oblivion was one of them.
Normal or hard; never easy, and never OMGEPICSAUCE.
I'm a wimp. I play at easy the first time through.
I then usually play it at the hardest level.
Once done with that, I cheat with god mode or unlimited ammo and such just to have fun (single player of course).
Nightmare. Only nightmare. And to make it challenging, I play without a mouse - I use the numpad keys as a mouse. Also, I have my screen set to turn on and off every five seconds so I'm blind half the time.
varies from game to game...

but I do this:
first play through - normal
subsequent playthroughs - lowest progressing through to highest

i'm a completion junkie. I don't care for those video game social networking "achievements" but when I want to complete a game I go through it all.

some games cater to it too.
Devil May Cry, Max Payne, Ace Combat Zero (different aces on different difficulties yay!).
Dante Must Die mode, New York Minute, Ace

I typically have the most fun between "normal" and the highest on any given game. except for scrolling shooters. highest. always. if you're not crying from refusal to blink you're not playing them right
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Normal, and if the game is EXTREMELY awesome maybe and only maybe on hard.
Left 4 Dead I always play on advanced.

Other games I play on normal and sometimes easy. A challenge is nice and all, but dying over and over gets tiresome very fast, and takes away from the purpose of a game: fun.
Crysis on Delta.
ARMOR MOD-headshot
Hard or Hardest. Makes you better at FPS's.
Touhou: Easy (im kidding)
L4D: Advanced
L4D2: Advanced
Crysis: Delta
Crysis Warhead: Delta
FarCry: Normal
FarCry 2: Normal
Half-Life 2: Medium
Stalker series: Veteran
First time through on normal. Then, if it is a good game, hardest. (unless, like others have said it is stupidly hard)

Originally Posted by dralb
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First time through on normal. Then, if it is a good game, hardest. (unless, like others have said it is stupidly hard)

*cough* FarCry *cough*

On "realistic" that game took every neuron firing at maximum.
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Easiest option available first time arround. Except for fps games, then I go for hard or normal and play it on the hardest setting the 2nd time (if the game is intresting enough)
Default/normal the first time through, then if I like it, I'll up the difficulty on subsequent playthroughs. I thought that was what everyone did?
in a game w/ easy, norm, hard, v.hard, I'd take hard, and if I get pwned too much I go to norm. Games with 3, I'd probably play normal, and games that have more than 4 I'd probably take the 2nd back from hardest. IE easy, normal, hard, V.Hard, effing impossible.

After I beat the game and if I really liked the game I'll go back thru on max or 2nd to max hardest difficulty again.
I play all my games on the hardest lavel

This way its more realistic ... specially with shooter games where you need just 1-3 bullets to die.
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I play on normal because i want to enjoy the game not replay the same mission over and over until i can survive through it.
First time through - one step below the hardest
Every time after- hardest

I like challenges and then making them harder
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