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ATCS 840 Top Fans

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I'm using an 840 for my gaming rig and I'm looking for the maximum air-cooling potential. My first thought was changing the top 230's for a trio of good 120's. The big 230's are rated at 75 CFM each but I can get my hands on a few Ultra Kazes (rated at 88CFM). I already have the bracket behind the HDDs populated as well.

Anyone else ditch the fans on top in favor of something more powerful? What were the results?

Also, noise isn't an issue for me really as long as it's not absolutely screaming.
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I've not done it personally, but people reported roughly 5C better temperatures when they did this with their HAF 932.
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Yep, and I highly recommend it. The given CFM for the top fans that come with the case is questionable to say the least. You needn't buy excessively loud replacements either. I always recommend Gentle Typhoons on this forum, so will again (either 1450 or 1850 rpm).
as a rule of thumb, if you are looking for maximun air cooling potential. Well then you are gunna have to swap out the stock fans. No matter how expensive the case. However what i must say is that the fans are decent enough. though if you have the cash to spare then why not?

After market fans will always be better than stock. I would but i dont have cash.

Try looking at some 230mm fans, not just 120mm. I would have thought 2 x 230mm would be better than 3 x 120mm. 120mm generaly need larger rpm to keep up with 230mm. So they are noisier.

IMO 2 x 230mm are much better looking. I have tried both options. Much roomier in case too. Unless u wanted to install where the 230mms go. But i dunno how that would work.

best of luck
I took out the two 230mm fans on the top and put one Scythe S-flex E 120mm fan on the back of the top.
The top front fan does no good at all for temps.
The stock fans are no good in a horizontal position.
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