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Athlon 64 Toledo in a Gigabyte k8n?

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I have a Gigabyte K8n Ultra-sli motherboard in my server comp with an old Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8 gig Winchester 939). I'd like to upgrade the CPU to maybe a Athlon 64 Toledo (something like this this) Would that work though? The manual states that it supports:
�� Socket 939 for AMD AthlonTM 64 / 64 FX processor (K8)
�� 2000MT/s system bus
�� Supports core frequencies in excess of 3000+ and faster

Seems to me that most boards support more than they say but I dont want to buy it and find out it doesnt work.

Heres the manual if it helps determine anything.

If you don't think it'll work, whats the best CPU that will?

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Any dual core 939 should work fine, I suggest you watch out on the for sale threads here or possibly try ebay. Used would be much cheaper vs any 939 socket you'll probably come across. You should also keep an eye out for s939 dual core Opterons as they were pretty awesome 939 chips.
I just picked up an Opteron 175 for $75 shipped right here on OCN, the cheapest on ebay was $115. There is another seller on here selling an opteron 170 I believe for $80 shipped
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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