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Athlon 64X2 3800+ (939) OC!

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so with the little i know of OCing i have gotting this...:
mem speed=333MHz
mem time=3-3-3-7
mem volt=2.9v
Hypertransport link= 4X

i am on stock air colling, this setup does run VERY hot, about 60 - 63*C(and thats w/ the case side off) w/ two prime95s running. i had an error in core 0 after about 1.5 hours and core 1 ran for about 6 hours b4 i turned it off. i kinda think the error is bc of the high temps... i hope to buy new cooling after x-mas. i hope u guys can help me push my chip to the limit and/or optimize what i have already come up with.....
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i wouldnt oc mate till u got a better cooler hey, cuz amd get extremely hot their for u cant really use the stock cooler
These dual cores do run hot. Definitely try to keep load temps. below 55*C.
Agreed. Grab one of these and OC to your hearts content. I got my 3800+ up to 2.82Ghz(282*10) at the moment.
thats deff the cooler i wanted to buy, i almost wish there was an all copper one, that would cool like crazy(but be really heavy)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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