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Just doing quick OC on Athlon II 250 on Biostar A780L3L( combo cost around 100$). Running on stock cooler,

High OC tested: 3.82Ghz//[email protected]@1.4V
temperature after running prime 95 for half an hour: 50c//ambient 31c

I can't set CPU/NB voltage higher than 1.4v so i didn't try to go higher than 3.8Ghz. So i did undervolt test after that.

At stock 3Ghz, Vcore//vNB 1.15v stable under prime95 for half an hour.

Regarding Biostar board, its single powerplane board thus both CPU and CPU-NB run at same voltage setting limiting minimum voltage requirement. but so far,

At 1Ghz core, 1.725ghz NB Vcore set at 0.9v, stable.

I didn't get much time to do full on stability test.

The CPU is C3 revision so i'm really not that surprise see this results, but i don't understand why AMD run so high default vCore for Athlon II series.

Using k10stat to change vcore on fly.



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Yep, great chips are those, had a 260 until recently. AMD is running that high voltage, because not all chips undervolt as good as ours. I was running stock 3.2Ghz at 1.22v. Some crash at voltage that low, some can go lower. The wall is different from chip to chip and 1.35 is safe voltage that doesn't overheat at stock, so..

EDIT: In my sig there's a thread on undervolting you might find interesting
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