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Just doing quick OC on Athlon II 250 on Biostar A780L3L( combo cost around 100$). Running on stock cooler,

High OC tested: 3.82Ghz//[email protected]@1.4V
temperature after running prime 95 for half an hour: 50c//ambient 31c

I can't set CPU/NB voltage higher than 1.4v so i didn't try to go higher than 3.8Ghz. So i did undervolt test after that.

At stock 3Ghz, Vcore//vNB 1.15v stable under prime95 for half an hour.

Regarding Biostar board, its single powerplane board thus both CPU and CPU-NB run at same voltage setting limiting minimum voltage requirement. but so far,

At 1Ghz core, 1.725ghz NB Vcore set at 0.9v, stable.

I didn't get much time to do full on stability test.

The CPU is C3 revision so i'm really not that surprise see this results, but i don't understand why AMD run so high default vCore for Athlon II series.

Using k10stat to change vcore on fly.


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