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I have as mobile 3870x2 with Vista x64

I have this problem with some games where some of the surfaces that are shadowed have a crazy strobe light flicker to them and it is really annoying. Bad Company 2 is the worst out of any game though because the shadows on my gun flicker and the water flickers so hard it kind of hurts my eyes.

I have also noticed it in Demigod and a few other games and if I turn the shadow quality down it does not happen. The problem does not affect normal shadows of characters in a game, but surfaces that have shadows on them, so I think it has to do with a specific method of shading (or shadowing) I don't know if those are synonymous or not.

I would just turn my shadows to low on Bad Company 2 and forget about it, but that hard locks my computer... LOL.

I have tried a lot of drivers (9.10, 9.11, 9.12 with mobility modder) and have the 10.3 preview that does not require modding (which are stellar drivers btw) on and they all have displayed the same problem.

This has been going on for a long while and I have just dealt with it as this is my gaming laptop and I usually use my desktop, but I am dog sitting now and am playing on it a lot more and am starting to get annoyed!

Thanks in advance for the input guys.
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