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ATI 4670 + P5B deluxe problem ?. Help, please

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Hello all. New to the forum and really a noob. I am having a strange problem with a new ATI 4670 card, and thought that the experts in this forum could help me

First of all, I am not a overclocker and only recently have started to mess inside my desktop.
I have a P5B deluxe MOBO, Intel Core2Duo E6550, 2 Gig RAM DDR2 PC6400. My PSU is, I think a "generic" one, rated 460W. Windows XP SP2.

I have recently substituted my ATI 2600 for a new Saphire ATI 4670 HD 512 with 9.1 ATI drivers. Everything went smoothly the first 3 weeks, when suddenly my PC did not boot - fans started to work, etc, but monitor dark, no MoBO beeps. I had to reboot, and it worked. Now, infrequently and randomly, I have again a no boot situation, but it varies:
- Sometimes the MOBO gives the beeps of "No VGA found"
- Sometimes no beeps at all, blank screen
- Sometimes the "no VGA found" beeps followed by a normal POST beep and windows XP loads OK
- Once, after the WinXP boot screen logo appeared, the screen went crazy (lots of colors and the system hanged)
- Usually (9/10 times), everything OK

When my systems loads, it works flawlessly, with no graphic problems apparent.

I presume the problems arrived with the 4670, but what could be the reason ? It is properly seated in the PCI express slot (I double checked it...) Default card ? Something in the BIOS that needs to be changed ? (everything is default, but if needed I know how to change things
) Drivers problems ??

Any help would be much apreciated
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Try your old card, then if the problem persists it's most likely the mobo. Mine died 3 months ago after 2 years of use. It had the same issue you are describing now.

It was also a P5B Deluxe. In fact I had another P5B Deluxe that died last month also.
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