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ATI 5000 series upgrade?

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Well I'm going to probably get a 5850 and wanted some input. Not sure if I want to bite the bullet and pay the premium and get one now or wait till supply gets better and maybe the prices will drop. Don't think I want to wait till Fermi comes out and the price cuts that will happen. Also which company has the best support and warranty now. Is Visiontek the only lifetime?
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Stay with your gtx 285, the 5850 is = to the 285 in terms of performance.

Also, try to sell your 285 now while its price is still high.

That's what I did with my 2x260s, and I'm using my backup 8800 until prices drop for the 58xx or Fermi
The 5850 is only a little bit better then the GTX285. You should save up for a 5870.
XFX has lifetime too.

New tech is like a drug to me so I'd say get it.
Stick with your GTX285

HD5850 is amazing Card that can achieve over 1GHz Core at that speed it kills a GTX285
yeah once the new nvidia's come out im thinking the 5850 will be like 200

remember the 5850 is filling the same bracket as the 4850 did so we should see similar price points once the market stabilizes

i dont think ATI expected to have so much time to capitalize on the 5 series but o well
With your card, I'd wait at least until spring/summer model refresh(if it happens). I personally will upgrade when 68xx comes out
Tough choice to make here. I just sold the GTX 285 because I thought it's value would start dropping dramatically soon and I want DX11. I have a 4850 to use for now so I'm leaning towards using the 4850 and waiting.
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