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ATI and driver question

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So I had my time from hardware. Got a place, grew up etc. Anyways long story short, I now make enough money for rent and computer stuff. I've been thinking on the idea of tossing together a new rig. I've also pondered on the thought of going ATI as I was an avid Nvidia user.
My question is, has ATI gotten their act together on their drivers? I briefly remember people having a good deal of issues with their software, so I don't wanna go all crazy on investing into problems. (But I do wish to endure the typical problems of assembling your own hardware.

*Also note* I'm not trying to start an argument, it's what I feel, what i've seen and I just want to know what ATI users have seen in the growth of technology.

On top of that what's the top dog of video cards to get these days when thinking ATI?
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Just wanted to say I too have been an avid nvidia user over the years, just made the switch to my first ATI Card (HIS IceQ X Turbo 6870 1GB) and love it.

This is coming from a TRUE nvidia fan, to be fair the first graphics card I owned was a Sapphire ATI 9250, I got burned then and went to nvidia, heard great things after doing research on stability, improved drivers, and comparisons, and also made the leap. Glad I Did.
just my 2 cents
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