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ATI brands

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hey guys, whats up? Since black friday is coming up, I just had a quick question about ATi brands. I've had my heart set on sapphire, but was wondering if visiontek is a good brand? Best buy has the 5870 for cheaper then newegg. So was just wondering
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Visiontek has lifetime warranty. What I have heard, they are nice company.
Sapphire hands down. Avoid XFX, I am not happy with my XFX 4890. The Sapphire 4890 has more heatpipes and a beefier heatsink. Sapphire is the best ATI producer right now.
For the 5870's right now there's really no difference since they're all pretty much reference cards with each company's sticker on them.
Sapphire, HIS
I'd go for anything except visiontek. They've been d-bags when I've had to deal with the customer service. Diamond or Asus would be my top bets though since I've had alot of overclocking success with their stuff compared to everyone else.
I have a 4870 visiontek. I have only 1 problem with it. You can't oc it.
The first Radeon card I got was an XFX brand. Personally, I think it depends on the card model. The 4770 works flawlessly for me.

OCing is a breeze. GPUtool for the win!
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