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ATI CCC and dual monitors

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I have Windows 7 with ATI CCC working, or so I thought. I downloaded the beta drivers with limited CCC. I am trying to clone my monitor to my TV but all I get is just the desktop background. I have done just numerous times in XP but not 7. Please give me some ideas on what to do. Thanks
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Ok I have not used the beta drivers in 7. I would just dl the 9.2 vista drivers and use them If CCC is limiting you. ATI also has released Hydravision. No clue what it does but its for dual monitors.
The vista drivers would not work for some reason. I just read on another forum that you can edit them but I'm not up to doing that.
I had a huge PITA with Win7 drivers. The beta drivers did not work the vista drivers did not work. I then gave up. One day I tried it again and it worked. I have heard that if vista drivers just wont load up try to run it in vista compatibility mode.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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