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ATI graphics/worstation APPS/firestream vs cuda

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I am quickly finding myself caring less and less about gaming (I haven't gamed at all in about two weeks, and the last time was only for about an hour), and I am more interested in raw power for experimenting and tweaking around with various things. I want to have a powerful machine for powerful tasks, like video rendering and photoediting, not that I do any of these things, but I might. I have a second HD 4850 that will likely be coming back very soon from my RMA, and I will be going back to crossfire then. However, I am musing with the idea of trading for a set of nvidia cards possibly sometime down the road. I want to know which cards work better at workstation apps.

I am also extremely interested in firestream and CUDA. I know that CUDA can be coded with simple C, but I don't know if it is quite so easy to do so with firestream. I was wondering which is overall better, or what the main features of each are.

Links to benchmarks would be great
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Why not wait for OpenCL? I mean both will support it no?
I want to know which one is more powerful, overall. I cannot wait until OpenCL finally releases to find out unfortunately.
Cuda is far more supported so in practicality that may be the best option currently. If you can't wait for OpenCL I assume you can't wait for more applications to take advantage of ATi's stream.
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