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ATI HD 4870 Safe Temps ?

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Hi All,

What are safe temps for this card? My temps at load are 81c.


Eagles 33
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81C at what fanspeed?

mine hits the low 70's after a while. 80C is pretty much what they have the cards designed to operate at, but still, the cooler the better as long as it doesnt vacuum your carpet. dont want a rig full of dust do you?
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104C is the maximum safe temperature according to AMD/ATI. So you are fine at 81C's whitch is the avarage operating temperature.

Also the 48xx series are hot cards.

Btw, you shouldn't post threads of the same issue in multiple places.
i get 60C idle and 71C load on bot my 4870s. Nothing to worry about
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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