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ati hd5770 upgrade

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thinking of upgrading my hd 5770 is the 5830 a better option or will i be wasting my money
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It's better, but the GTX 460 1Gb is better value for money (upgraded to one from a 5770 myself, definately worth it, it also smokes the 5830)
trying to stick to ati as i like eyefinety
Get an additional 5770, or a 5850. 5830 is not a big upgrade.
5770 used to be the best bang for buck card but after nvidia started releasing the GTX460 the crown has been taken. The gtx 460 performs slightly better than a 5830 at stock but has LOTS of headroom for OC'ing. imho the 5830, while it performs great is not the best u could do with that price range, that it why lots of people advise to stay clear from it. If I were you I would get the GTX460 but if you want an ati card out of those two i would just get the 5770 and xfire in the future.
Go 5850 or gtx 470...nothing else is fast enough to warrant upgrading to.
HD 5830 is not a good upgrade.
Get gtx 460/gtx 465/hd 5850
Although I'm an Ati fanboy,
i'm telling you to stay away from hd5830,
its not a good upgrade over hd5770.
For the same price tag you could get gtx460 which beats hd5830 + consumes less power + produces less heat + overclocks better.
So gtx460 is the best bang for buck.
If you want to stick with Ati get a hd5850,
its a good upgrade over hd5770 + it beats both gtx460 & hd5770.

You could pick hd5850 for $249 at new egg

Hope you like my reply
Dont buy gtx 470,
because it performs slightly better than hd5850,
but the price diffence is huge.
HD 5850- $249
GTX 470- $329

so either buy hd5850 or buy gtx 460

Originally Posted by lnewey6 View Post
trying to stick to ati as i like eyefinety
Why? Eyefinity performance with a single 5770 is horrible. You can't really game comfortably in Eyefinity with anything less than a 5870.
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Get the HD6870 (successor to the 5770) that is set to be released on the 18th.
if you end up getting the 5830 or 50 let me know i'm interested in buying a 5770 so maybe i could donate to your fund
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The HD5830 outperforms the 5770, but it is not worth the money.

Granted, it is a true upgrade instead of a sidegrade, but the performance increase isn't worth the cash increase.

Get a 5850, or a second 5770 to CF.

Originally Posted by ultralord910 View Post
Get the HD6870 (successor to the 5770) that is set to be released on the 18th.
This. Or I would wait until then anyway because the new cards will push down the prices of the others.
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just wait for the 6xxx series to come out and the price of the 5xxx will drop and then get a 5850 or 5870
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