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Good morning fellas, I have an ATI question for ya.

I currently have an ATI Radeon X1300 AGP. (new build coming soon with PCIe). I also have the latest ATI Catalyst drivers installed.

Here's my problem

I've downloaded ATI tool and am able to clock my core speed from 450 to about 571 give or take.

However, when I try to overclock the memory, the program freezes up. This happens during the find max mem test as well. I've tried to do this on default clock speeds and with it oc'd, and it still freezes up.

Has anyone run into this problem??
Are there any temp fixes until I finish my new build??

Also, I was wondering what are better drivers for this card, ATI Catalyst or OmegaDrivers?? Just looking for different opinions on this one....

Thanks In Advance,

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