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ATI Tray Tools is a small utility that can be found in the windows tray which then allows instant access to options and settings. Quite handy and quite a small download.

Just click the executable and you are good to go.

What does Tray Tools do ? This tweaker for ATI Radeon cards positions itself in the system tray.

Software highlights:[*]Improved TV/Display support. A lot of bugs fixed.
[*]Added support for Radeon X850 Series
[*]Added Support for Enable/Disable Extended Desktop. Also added hot key for this operation.
[*]Added Screenshots system. Look for options in "General Options" dialog box. Added Hotkeys for Screenshots.
[*]Added new Apply 3D setting mode. You can switch it off in Options dialog box if its doesn't work for you. New method will be applied only if your device supports this method. ATT can automatically detect if your card doesn't supported and switch back to old method even if you enable new method in Options dialog box.
[*]Audio options moved to "General Options" dialog box
[*]Fixed some bugs in installation procedure.
[*]Fixed bug with Hot Key editor.

get it at http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=733
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