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ATI Water Blocks

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Well about a month ago I wanted to make a waterblock for my 4870. Today, I thought "Hey, why not make some profit?" So I'm planning on selling some waterblocks for 4xxx and 5xxx series. They will be quality water blocks for a pretty cheap price.
Seeing I'm not a professional (I don't secretly work at Koolance...) there is no guarantee that my water blocks will work 100% (though I don't see why not). As a result, if your particular Waterblock does not work as planned, I will give a full refund and free shipping back to my house.
I am planning on shipping by the end of December, but only if I get some people to post (or PM) me here about whether or not they are interested in buying one of my water blocks (they're all made with love, don't worry). Anyone?

My blocks will be similar to the Koolance VID series for about 50-75 bucks. If all goes well, I might try selling CPU blocks...

I'd put this in the marketplace section but seeing I'm not actually selling anything yet (and I don't have 35 rep yet...) I don't see what's wrong with posting here.
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When you make them I might be interested in a couple depending on how they perform.
What's your manufacturing process? Can I see a CAD screenshot if you have one?
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