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I run a Radeon HD 5830 and just added a GeForce GTS250 to run PhysX. So with the new card I decided to run the in-game benchmarks with Batman:AA and Mafia 2 to see how it performed. I'm confused as to why this is happening:

Batman:AA Average FPS: 40
Mafia 2 Average FPS: 57

WITH GTS250 (no PhysX)
Batman:AA Average FPS: 102
Mafia 2 Average FPS: 34

WITH GTS250 (PhysX on Medium)
Batman:AA Average FPS: 79
Mafia 2 Average FPS: 30

Why on earth is my framerate in Batman doubling while Mafia 2 is being halfed (even without PhysX on)? I could understand if they both went one way, but that is just wonky.
I have v257.21 of the nVidia driver installed. PhysX is running perfect. I double checked with Batman and the FPS dropped to <10 with PhysX on without the nVidia card.

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probly how nvida trys to block physx with a ati screwing up stuff.
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