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ATI X300 Onboard info

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I am building a computer for a friend who is not power-hungry (current style is 500Mhz PII and 128mb of RAM).

I am getting them a motherboard with onboard video to save money. More specifically the MSI RC410M-L Micro ATX


This has an ATI X300 onboard video. What kind of perfermance can I expect from this? How much memory does it have, ect?

Rest of the system:

Case: Antec Cube w/ 300Watt mini PSU

Motherboard: MSI RC410M-L Micro ATX (with PCIe, ATI onboard)

Processor: P4 631 3.0 GHz 2mb L2 65nm

Memory: Patriot Signature 512MB DDR2-533 x2 = 1024GB

Graphics Card: eVGA Geforce FX5500 AGP 256mb $39.00 after $15

Hard Drive: Western Digital 80GB 7200 RPM SATA

Drive: Sony DVD Burner Black

Total Cost >$550 with shipping
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The Asus EAX300 PCIe card has 128Mb of Ram and is OK for general appliactions and some low-end Games - NFSU2 could run with screen detail turned down a bit.
ok, here are my mom's computer specs.

Pentium 4 540 @3.2 ghz
pc 4300 ddr2 ram
X300 SE 128MB onboard

Just ran the CS:S stress test and it got 32.xx FPS while it was still updating, it also runs CS at 100 FPS. It's not a bad onboard vga on a budget.
This is not about the x300 video, but I looked at your specs for the new comp.. may I suggest an NEC dvd burner. The Sony burners are not actually made by sony, they are made by some other company and you have to go thru the other company as far as firmware and support. The NEC is a ery nice decent-priced burner. I have 2 and have never made any coasters.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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