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Ati X850

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I have an X850 Pro PCI E and i was wondering if it was possible to get 16 pipelines like in the AGP version instead of 12 pipelines.

Also i was wondering if these were good scores and if you have any overclock suggestions

Default 507 core 519 mem
3D Mark 05- 5388
Temp- 45c idle, load 70-80c

Overclocked 550 core 585 mem
3D Mark 05- 5820
Temp- 46c idle, load 78c-87c

I would like to overclock it more but im not sure if i would have enough cooling. I only have all the basic fans, but i do have side fan.
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Here are some helpful links


Over Clock
Pretty sure this won't unlock to 16p, but if you post your ATiTool fuse config (details in my sig) I can tell you for sure.
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