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ATItool question

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Just put the Sapphire 9800 PRO 128mb in my machine, and I go to overclock it a little bit with ATItool (with the automatic part of it).

I watch the core speeds slowly creep up, it gets about 15 MHz up, and then the memory speeds starts SLOWLY creeping down. Is this a classic case of "not enough cooling"? If so, what's a good (and hopefully quiet) aftermarket cooler for this specific card?

Thanks all and rep points to whoever helps!

PS: the core is a 350, not 360
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I have the same problem, just let it do its buisness with the core, then do the memory frequencies seperatly. lol
but if you find max then mem goes down and if you do mem then core goes down lol
LOL ^^^^ yeah i got suck of atitool doing that so i tryed radlinker its great get it @ www.guru3d.com
I have radlinker, it came with my new omega drivers.

But i couldn't see any automatic overclocking abilities with it, and i don't wanna just turn it up and risk damaging anything without it testing as it goes.
well usually those might be better in order to use those w/o fault just go up each one by 5 hz until you notice artifacts which are basically glitches in your screen the best way for check for these would be to play games like cs, doom3 etc be sure to do one by one tho there should be a stickied guide on how to do it
I have the same card I think, Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128 DDR. I initially used Riva Tuner as it's quite simple to use. I pushed the core clock to around 415 and memory up to 358 (defaults are 378 and 338) and this worked well with the one game I played (Planetside). I had over 100fps average on 1024x769 resolution which was infinitely better than with my old FX5700. ATItool however put the core clock back to below 400, though it left the memory alone. Did I push the core way too far?
I use ATI tool, but manualy overclock. I suggest you take up your core in 10mhz increments, and scan for artifacts after you change. No artifacts after 30 sec, take it up again. Do the same with memory, only in 5mhz increments.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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