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I got my hands on dad's netbook today and wanted overclock a bit to see how it compares to my ancient Athlon XP 3200+ at 2.2Ghz. Athlon rig runs with 1gb ddr400 ram.

Netbook configuration is Atom N450 oced to 2.12Ghz with 2GB ddr3 1066mhz ram. (HT:On)

Before coming to any conclusion please consider that Netbook was running more demanding Windows7 whereas Athlon rig was running Xp. Also Athlon cpu is clocked 80Mhz higher. Atom won't go any further so i couldn't test clock for clock.

But i'm almost sure that on Windows XP and at 2.2Ghz Atom N450 would easily outperform Athlon XP 3200+.

ATOM 81k .png file

ATHLON 163k .jpg file

I believe that performance-wise Intel Atom is equal to Athlon but when you consider other aspects Atom really shines. Because Athlon is REALLY an ancient CPU without SSE2 support. Most games won't run on that just because of that. 2C/4T Atoms like D525 on the other hand would obliterate AthlonXP in every task .


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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