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Attempting to install Vista 32 bit

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I have a disk from my college for Vista Business (32 64) bit ed. and when I go to install it, the computer says that it wont be able to run the instillation because it is attempting to install a 64 bit OS on a computer that has a cpu that can only support a 32 bit OS. How do I install the 32 bit version from the disk?
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Isnt there an option during the installation process? Towards the begining I would guess.
When the computer is starting up, it starts by loading files to begin the installation, then when it finishes it gives me the problem. There unfortunately no opportunity to select 32 bit
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Is it an OEM version that you have used before/ is it the computer in your sig?
This is my parents laptop, it is not OEM
A page should come up saying X86 or X64, choose X86 for 32bit.
No choices become available, it just says that it wont be able to install 64 bit on a 32 bit only cpu
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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