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HI everyone. I am currently a senior in high school and have 1 class left. In about two weeks I have a Multi Genre Research Paper (MGRP) due.

The class has a British Theme to it, so naturally this MGRP is going to have a British topic. The Topic I have picked, mainly b/c I love the Airforce and planes in general, is the Royal Air Force (RAF) Well tommorow I have an ouitline due and I have not been putting time into it. I have 10 sources allready but I could use some of yalls opinions. Im basically doing the start of the RAF all the way up to their role in Iraq.. ANYBODYs opinion would be great. I am possibly thinking about quoting some of yall if its useful info. Ofcourse I am not asking yall to write a paper for me, just merely give me some opinions on the RAF and Winston Churchill and info on the Battle Of Britain (BOB)

TY in advance, plz serious replys only

I have my thesis attached
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