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audigy 2 zs vs x-fi?

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is there any noticeable difference between the audigy 2 zs and the x-fi
or is it basicaly the same sound quality
i'm planning on some audio upgrades and was wondering if the price tag justifies the performance
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I expect there is a difference but whether it justifys the price tag? I personally am waiting a while, see ya gotta look at it like this it aint just the £180 on the card its the further £100+ on the 7.1 system to go with it, then £50 on some proper quality headphones to truly appreciate what your actually listening to, I have already got the 7.1 inspire speakers and the headphones and I still cant justify spending that sort of cash again for an increase which I personally dont think would be that much, afterall things can only sound so good right?? I already have the EAX 1,2 and 3 I have 3d directional sound all the little tweaker things etc hell my headphones are even force feedback lol no you can only go so far and as pointed out previously there aint alot of things that actually use the technology yet so why pay now when you can pay later for two third the price?????

Tbh either will cripple on board sound a 100 times over and it aint until you have it that you realise what you have been missing, if you can get an audigy 2 for under £60 even £80 get it I promise you you wont regret it and with the cash you have sevaed get a decent 7.1 to go with it but if you have cash to burn get the x-fi

sry for the rant, hope this helps
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