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Audio card suggestions.

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Im looking to push 5.1 through a digital coaxial cable. I need a card that does 5.1 and can do this.

Its going into a Dell XPS 400 that is a HTPC. I think it also has to be PCI, because i dont have and PCI e left.

What options do i have?

Thanks for the help
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Originally Posted by ImmortalKenny
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Look no further: http://cgi.ebay.com/Dell-Creative-So...item2ea9843301

That's odd... I thought the XtremeGamer was a half height card?
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There are two versions of the XtremeGamer. The half-height version is a shrunken down version of the original XtremeMusic minus a couple of features (such as support for the digital I/O dongle) and has color coded 3.5mm jacks. The half-height also uses a smaller opamp package than the XtremeMusic, which means no opamp modding. However, the full height XtremeGamer has all the features of the XtremeMusic except it no longer requires a dongle for digital output, thus making it a more desirable card. From the looks of it, the full height XtremeGamer CAN be modded.
I like it, thanks

I have an extreme music as well in my game rig, what is this dongle you speak of that i need to do digital coaxial? I guess im confused about the Digital In/out dongle.

Also Any one know where i can find a cable that goes from 3.5mm jack to RCA style digital coax. I have been told this will do 5.1 signal.
Well i guess im going to be using optical now, the xtreme music i bought has optical out. I know nothing about it other than it uses fiberoptic to transmit digital signal.
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