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Audio input missing after format :(

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i did a format and installed windows xp pro and i cant find audio input, i use it to record audio from my comp but its gone
any help ?
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Not sure this is what you mean and in Vista also so maybe slightly different in XP.

Control Panel/Sounds. Click both the playback and recording tabs. In an empty part of the box. Right click and check something like "show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices".

Hope this helps or I will have to fire up the old machine w/XP and I don't want to do that.

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Well i have a logitec headset so the only thing it shows in the drop down box atm is the logetec headset lol
but tomarrow i'll take it out and do the right clicking thing on the empty box, atm all it says is "whats this?" but maybe it will say something else when it shows nothin in the drop down box?

i'll post back tomarrow because atm tonight i am just to bored
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