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avast antivirus thinks everything is a virus. do you people have the same problem.

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this is not somthing that i have come across before, it seems that on the last virus database update as
avast now thinks...Skype is a virus.....spybot is a virus,
it thinks most of my games are a virus ..i'm only hopeing that this is just a bad update.. I wanted to know if you people are having the same problems.

and by the way its all the same virus. win32:delf_MGZ (Trj)..
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Same here. Looks like they screwed up with the last database update. Let's wait for a fix.

kinda scary at first.
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Originally Posted by shiloh View Post
Same here. Looks like they screwed up with the last database update. Let's wait for a fix.

kinda scary at first.

wow you to... I was starting to think it was just me. lol

i have had to disable it for the time being, cant do much with it when it thinks your whole computer is a virus.
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anyone else with the pain in the ass problem.
^Yes. Spybot Search & Destroy, Everest, a media encoder I use, and a couple other programs are all being reported as false-positives. Everyone is flooding the Avast forums because of it, and causing the site to take forever to load, but here's one post from the forum:


I'm pretty sure Avast is aware of it by now, and working on it.
Avast is going crazy with my system, literally. It was using all my bandwidth, and everything was a Trojan. I couldn't download any files because according to Orbit, there were "too many connection with your [system]." I just uninstalled Avast right now and my system is perfect. Avast with the new update slowed my PC down so much.
Ya it's being super paranoid, I guess we just have to wait for a fix or change anti-virus.
!this is an update...it's fixed. the new virus database just went out. and now i can USE my computer again!

i wonder how meny people started deleting there files because of this, I know I nearly did until I found out it was the same false positive for everything.
I actually switched to MSE because of this issue. Avast is definitely more feature-filled, but all I wanted was a spartan, no-frills AV solution (since common sense > software protection any day). Not looking back.
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